Effigy: Objects of Significance


Effigy, is a study of people and their affinity or attachment to particular objects. This series of hyrdo-stone casts explores the perceived significance of some objects as opposed to others, and what makes an object important to one person and not to another. Through the physical reproduction of inherently valuable objects, I seek to interpret how a piece of artwork’s value can be influenced by the significance of it’s subject matter to the viewer.

Objects depicted in the series are collected from 100 different people in my life. The only criteria for the object is that it hold some personal value and that it be small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. The casts will be displayed with accompanying audio recordings of stories told by the objects’ owners.

The project will conclude with an exhibition of the sculptures and audio in Common Ground Gallery at MacKenzie Hall in Windsor, ON.

Interested in participating? Click here to send me a message.

This project is supported by the City of Windsor’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Program